Wine & Food Tasting Experiences


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Come for a short wine tasting in our private tasting room run by professional sommelier Alessandro Pepe
  • Tasting of 4-5 different wines
  • Tasting of 4-5 cheeses and hams
  • Tasting of 2 extra virgin olive oil
  • Tasting of 1 traditional balsamic vinaigre from Modena


From Tuesday to Saturday at 8 pm
In our private tasting room Rimessa Roscioli a dinner tasting run by sommelier Alessandro Pepe
  • Tasting of 8 different wines (mainly reds)
  • Tasting of 10 different cheeses and cured meats
  • A plate of pasta
  • A small dessert


Your custom designed private tasting
250 different cured meats, 450 different cheeses, a cellar with more then 2800 different label, a private tasting room at your entire disposal and a professional sommelier that will guide you for a unique tasting. Design your wine and food tasting with our professional sommelier.

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Wine and Food Tasting


voucher wine tasting dinner 60 euro
27 December 2014

The Last minute Christmas gift

Yes I know, It’s not  because you’re mean,  heartless or insensitive to Christmas. It’s not because you don’t love your family and friends. You’re a good person, everybody knows it. It just happened. You couldn’t do anything for it. You don’t know why, you don’t know how. Everything was under your control, messages on the […]

20 December 2014

CHRISTMAS BUBBLES DOMENICA 21 DICEMBRE  / RIMESSA ROSCIOLI / ORE 20.00 INGRESSO 65 EURO Fiumi di champagne per il più classico degli auguri natalizi. Barbichon, Cazals, Fleury, Roger Brun, Eric Rodez, Soutiran, Couche  e altri.   Non ricordo più quale archeoenologo od ebbro antropologo aveva una visione tutta enocentrica della storia del mondo e del Natale. Secondo […]

cantina dario
10 December 2014

Dario’s Cellar

Here below a great selection of unique wines frm 15 to 500 euros. All these bottles come from the private Cellar of the wine journalist (and friend) Dario Cappelloni. Most of them are unique bottles no longer available on the market. if you buy more than 6 bottles there ‘s a 10% discount. All these […]

Wine & Food Tasting Events


30 March 2015 ore 20:30

La Coulée de Serrant di Nicolas Joly

La coulée de Serrant di Nicolas Joly

 Lunedì 30 e Martedi 31 Marzo ore 20.30 / Rimessa Roscioli / ingresso 90 euro

Presenta la serata Maurizio Paparello

90 euro