Wine & Food Tasting Experiences

Join Alessandro Pepe in his wine & food tasting experiences, chatting with him and the other customers about traditional and innovative wines and foods, sourced from exceptional local producers around Italy.


From Thu to Sat, 5pm
Come for a short wine tasting in our private tasting room run by professional sommelier Alessandro Pepe
  • Tasting of 4-5 different wines
  • Tasting of 4-5 cheeses and hams
  • Tasting of 2 extra virgin olive oil
  • Tasting of 1 traditional balsamic vinaigre from Modena


From Wed to Sat, 8pm
In our private tasting room Rimessa Roscioli a dinner tasting run by sommelier Alessandro Pepe
  • Tasting of 8 different wines (mainly reds)
  • Tasting of 10 different cheeses and cured meats
  • A plate of pasta
  • A small dessert


Your custom designed private tasting
250 different cured meats, 450 different cheeses, a cellar with more then 2800 different label, a private tasting room at your entire disposal and a professional sommelier that will guide you for a unique tasting. Design your wine and food tasting with our professional sommelier.

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Wine and Food Tasting


10 October 2014

Le 3 Regole d’oro per fare un grande vino

LE 3 REGOLE D’ORO PER PRODURRE UN GRANDE VINO C’è chi sostiene che per fare una piccola fortuna il modo più veloce sia produrre un grande vino. E’ infatti in voga nel mondo delle grandi maison vinicole il detto: Se volete fare una piccola fortuna prendete una grande fortuna investitela nella produzione di vino e […]

4 October 2014

Barolo or Napa?

Ciao Alessandro, We enjoyed our time with you in Rome on September.  One suggestion and hope you accept it as a positive comment.  We are from California and the only thing that bothered us was the way you talked negatively about Napa. We love Italian, and French wines , like you and we would never […]

30 April 2014

Winery of the Month – May ’14 “The Contucci Saga”

“Introducing Winery of the Month” What is the ‘Winery of the Month’?  Simply that: every month (except July and August) I present a winery in a small documentary (filmed and edited by myself, so do not be too harsh in judging it), full info on the wines, a special discount on delivery (up to 30% […]

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