Reviewed 18 June 2015


The Wine and Food Tasting at Roscioli was by far our favorite night in Rome! The food was absolutely delicious (the pesto alone was life changing), the wines were perfectly paired and the group atmosphere was so much fun! My husband and I participate in wine tastings/classes pretty regularly, but we found that we learned a lot more than usual from our fabulous host. Sure, he prefers Italian wines, but after the tasting, I understand why! As one of the reviewers noted, most of the group (including myself) did get a little boisterous by the end of the night, but that added to the experience for us. When the tasting was over, we felt like we were leaving a group of old friends. Bottom line: great food and wine, a wealth of knowledge, and great company! What else could you ask for?

A Wonderful Evening Experience!
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Reviewed 30 July 2015


My Husband & I love wine, but were not familiar with the wine from Italy and wanted to learn a little more about them. This was defiantly the right tasting for us! Chris our host for the evening was brilliant! He talked about the different wines and what to look for the regions they come from and just special things about each wine, cheese and olive oil that we tried! His passion for the subject really made you feel like you were on the vineyard or in that region! I felt the the room the tasting took place in just added to the charm of the tasting with wine bottle all around you! We had our two adult daughters ( 22 & 18) with us who are not wine drinkers, but there is so much more to this class than the wine. They got to discover the different meats & cheeses while still learning about the culture. I think it is wonderful to open the eyes of young adults to the world around them. There were 12 people in our group and everyone shared stories and interesting tid bits about different experiences. It was truly an enjoyable evening and one not to miss. We were able to purchase wine and have it shipped home. I am looking forward to drinking the wine we brought home with friends and reliving our experience in Rome!


Reviewed 14 July 2015


Pleasant surprise! I was leery bc I always look at the best and worst reviews in order to get a realistic description of things, however, Roscioli was lovely!

Previous reviews complained about the small room, offsite location, and quantity of wine/food. Honestly, the location improves the experience. Everything in Rome is small, the shops and streets and edifices have been their for centuries and there is no way to escape that, nor would I want to – it is part of the charm. The wine room is perfect for sitting, tasting, sharing and eating. We were served healthy portions of wine and offered more of whatever we liked best during and after the tastings as well. Our host was incredibly knowledgable and helpful for wine experts and beginners alike. He not only explains wine, but the history, art of making wine and story of the regions it comes from. The cuts of cheeses and meats were absolutely divine and the pasta and dessert was most certainly delicious as well. My boyfriend and I were genuinely surprised at how full we were at the end of the meal.

Also, feel free to dig into that bread basket in front of you – no need for an invite! I ate slower than most bc after tasting individually the cheeses, meats and pesto (which was the best I have ever had) I spread them on a few slices of bread to enjoy them with as well.


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