The Rimessa Roscioli Wine Club is designed to be an extension of your wine tasting with us, enjoyed at home.  What we provide is completely unique – all wines will come with a short video of the winemaker telling their story directly to you, bringing you closer to their soul, passion, land and history.  And since we value authentic and traditional flavors, all wines come from smaller producers from a variety of regions, who make wine in the vineyard, not the cellar.  All this will give you the ability to host your own Rimessa wine tasting with your friends and family.

Rimessa Roscioli Wine Club

6 bottles, mostly reds

4 shipments per year

a selection of unique, small producer wines from all over Italy

139 euros + shipping


This is a sample of what you will receive for each wine:
Wine: Noto Rosso, Marabino
Grape: Nero d’Avola
Region: Noto (Sicily)
Pairings: red tuna fish that is seared or aged, grilled meats and vegetables
Drink by: now until 2020
Notes: biodynamic, indigenous yeasts, aged for 12 months in 60hl French oak, 14 year old vines, 60,000 bottles

Description: Summed up perfectly by a strangely poetic friend of mine - ’This wine is an oxymoron…it’s like a stinky perfume, it has a rough elegance about it, it’s soft and hard at the same time, and I have a repulsive attraction for it, exactly how I feel about Sicilians’. (description will be more in-depth in the actual article emailed)

To see a actual sample of the full package that will be emailed with your wines, click HERE.

Rimessa Roscioli Wine Club

6 bottles, mostly reds
4 shipments per year
featuring more premium, age-worthy wines like Brunello di Montalcino and Barolo

includes a free bottle of olive oil

229 euros + shipping


Here is an example of what you will receive for each wine in the shipment...

Wine: Barbaresco 'Tre Stelle', Cascina della Rose
Grape: Nebbiolo
Region: Barbaresco (Piedmont)
Pairings: rich, savory dishes, red meat, stews, truffle risotto.
Drink by: now until 2026
Notes: non filtered, 20 year old vines

Description: Non c’è niente di più semplice ed evidente della bellezza. Niente di più lineare e diretto dell’eleganza. (There is nothing more simple and evident as beauty. Nothing more linear and straight than elegance). The soil of Rio Sordo is a magic one, so here no one is able to make a bad wine. Rio Sordo is a beautiful amphiteather of stratified blue marl that donates to wines that typical stoney, mint, balsamic and tannic flavor of the nebbiolo. But there’s a small spot beside Rio Sordo called Tre Stelle, not more than 150mt I guess, just on the side of the hill. Here you can experience the marriage between power and elegance. The Rose’s house is the name of the winery and when I first tried this Barbaresco Tre Stelle I felt I was weightless running on a field of flowers. One of the greatest memories I had about wine. Please, do not taste this wine with indifference, nor smell it with superficiality. Like one of those ‘Piccolo grande amore’ that you’ll regret in the future if you’re not able to take when they come. Seriously, this is a unique bottle, really hard to find so you better preserve it.

Pair it with calmness, patience and time for yourself.

To see a full sample of the package that you will receive by email, click HERE.


Rimessa Roscioli

3-6 bottles

Choice of 1-4 shipments per year

a world-class selection of important French and Italian wines

1500 euros (free shipping)


Our world class club option, featuring collectible wines from great vintages, mostly France and Italy, i.e. Barolo, Sassicaia, Champagne, Burgundy Grand and Premier Cru, Bordeaux Classified Growths and Premier Cru Classe.

An exclusive and world-class wine club membership. All wines selected and obtained by Roscioli, meaning they will be coming directly from private cellars and proper storage conditions. For additional information, please email us at winetasting@salumeriaroscioli.com.

Each shipment includes a free food basket with a special selection of our favorite Italian products (similar to photo below)

. collectors

“Wine is best when shared” Benefits….

We want you to be able to share and speak about these wines with your friends.

Consider dividing and sharing with your friends… Sign up for a double shipment (12 bottles) and receive 10% off, or triple shipment (18 bottles) and receive 15% off. *must be to single address and does not apply to shipping.

Another benefit – Receive a free tasting when in Rome! *

*Tasting bar – 139 club, Wine Tasting Dinner – 229 club, Taste the Legends – Collectors club

Let us organize a winery visit for you!

We have connections all around Italy and would be happy to organize a visit with you – 1 month notice needed.

Important details....

*Shipping to the EU/UK is 25 euros, US is 39 euros (AK, HI, NH 69 euros),  Australia is 90 euros , and for other countries please inquire.  

‘Price + shipping’ is per shipment, not per year (meaning you will receive 24 wines per year and make 4 payments). 

–  Please note   

You will be billed at the time of inscription and every 3 months from that date.  Shipments will be quarterly (March, June, Sept., Dec.) and may take a few weeks to arrive and a signature will be required.  We strongly recommend using a business address when possible to ensure someone is able to sign.  Please make an account with FedEx Delivery Manager or UPS if you have specific delivery requirements.  We reserve the right to cancel your membership, and of course, you can cancel anytime by writing us an email 2 weeks before the shipping month, but we will surely be sorry to see you go.