The Rimessa Roscioli Manifesto

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Rimessa Roscioli is more than a restaurant and a tasting room. It is meant to be a hub for wine and food experiences and also a community built of people passionate about wine and food and culture. Whether around our tables, on the web, or with our events, we recreate the ancient concept of Symposium – a physical and virtual place where you could share experiences, travel impressions, art, socialization. This text is meant to be our Manifesto, and to welcome you to future projects of Rimessa and Salumeria Roscioli.

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Rimessa Roscioli Recipe – Tiramisu

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How to make the best tiramisu! Our chef Alice from Rimessa Roscioli explains ‘How to make Tiramisu’.  It’s a simple recipe but takes high quality ingredients to make a great one. You’ll find one of the best tiramisù that you have ever tasted at Rimessa Roscioli in Rome, Italy.