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Il Secondo 2016, Pacina

Grape: Sangiovese 97%, Ciliegiolo and Canaiolo 3%
Region: Castelnuovo Berardenga(TUSCANY)
Pairings: Ossobuco, grilled red meat.
Drink by: now - 2021
Notes: Indigenous yeasts, malolactic fermentation, cement and steel vats, no clarification or filtration,no sulfites added, 13,500 bottles produceds
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Barbera d'Alba 2015, Barrichi

Grape: Barbera
Region:  (PIEMONTE)
Pairings:  Vegetable soups, pasta and beans, risotto with osso buco and cotechino with lentils
Drink by: now - 2022
Notes: Organic farming, hand-picked, 18-24 months in oak, 4,000 bottles produced.
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Canaiolo Nero 'Merla della Miniera' 2016, Terenzuola

Grape: Canaiolo Nero 85%, Vermentino Nero 10%, Barsaglina 5%
Region: Fosdinovo (TUSCANY) 
Pairings:Lamb, pork, cured meats, medium aged cheeses
Drink by: now - 2026
Notes: certified organic, biodynamic, only indigenous yeasts, delicate and longer maceration, 22 months in French oak, maximum respect for the land
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Piedirosso 'Vipt' 2016, Cantine Olivella

Grape:  Piedirosso
Region: Monte Somma, Vesuvius (CAMPANIA)
Pairings:  Versatile, most meat, pork, lamb, pasta dishes, medium aged cheeses.
Drink bynow - 2027, patience pays off 
Notes: Organic farming, maximum care in vineyards, up to 80 year old vines
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Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2015, Contucci

Grape:  80% Prugnolo gentile, 10% Canaiolo nero, 10% Colorino
Region: Montepulciano (TUSCANY) (Puglia)
Pairings: Good quality salami and prosciutto, pork dishes, red meat, medium/hard aged cheese
Drink by: now - 2026
Notes: 24 months in 20hl barrels and 6-8 months in bottle, 30,000 bottles.
Description:  Tradition, history and heritage – 3 pillars that define the foundation of Montepulciano and Contucci. When Andrea Contucci walks you around their home (palace), vineyards and cellar, you sense his understated pride, nobleness and integrity without any sense of pretentiousness. Here you find a quality wine region dating back before 1000 AD, 1010 years of single-family ownership, 65 years of cellar work by the most passionate Italian man Adamo (80 years old now), a room of frescoes dating to 1701, a cellar constructed into the original walls of Montepulciano from the 13th century, traditional winemaking techniques with large barrels (not trendy French barrique), no technology or cellar gimmicks to make for a modern style of wine, a higher percentage of Prugnolo Gentile to give more traditional flavors of the region (never mixed with international grapes). What more do you want from a wine? Skip the highly marketed and often overpriced Super Tuscans and just pair this wine with some flavorful, authentic cured meats or a savory dish of beef, lamb or venison and you’ll be feeling as ‘noble’ as the Nobile.


Cesanese di Olevano Romano Superiore 2017, Giacobbe

Grape: Cesanese d'Affile
Region: Olevano Romano (LAZIO)
Pairings: Traditional pasta dishes of Rome (cacio e pepe, amatriciana, gricia, or carbonara), lamb, cured meats/medium aged cheese like Pecorino
Drink by: now - 2027
Notes: At least 12 months in steel, and at least 18 in bottle, Rimessa purchased nearly all their production 
Description:  Alberto Giacobbe has a story that starts like many of ours. He went to school and was preparing to be an accountant (let's face it, following the family heritage of growing grapes wasn't going to pay much more than the bills), until that is that he fell in love with his family's vineyards and choose to take a complete turn in life. In the recent years, certain producers of Cesanese have made improvements, even if this isn't a 'marketable' grape to be sold to the masses. This wine is one of them. 65 year old vines from a specific clone not easy to find these days from a small village Affile planted by his grandfather (unfortunately he lost both father and grandfather just recently), coupled with organic practices and love and passion for what he is doing in life and out comes a wine that gives you a wine that could almost compete with some Burgundian wines, but at a fraction of the price. This complex yet easy drinking wine is best paired with a homemade dinner and great friends, and a perfect way to surprise them with a lesser known, indigenous grape that has been cultivated in Lazio for thousands of years. Nice fruit, but a more interesting refreshing minerality that comes from the soil of an old volcanic lake bed in the area.


Mandranova Olive Oil

Mandranova is a small family-run Sicilian olive farm, which defends the Agrigento tradition in respecting the fruit. This is a beautiful, strong, meaty, generous, Mediterranean oil. Tradition and innovation in a sip of green gold, and made exclusively with olives from their farm and oil mill. Cold extraction, without adding water, to maintain a high level of anti-oxidants and to obtain good levels of fruit, both bitter and spicy.  Ideal for sauces, grilling, and bruschetta.


Not in Rome?


Be part of the finest Wine Club in Rome and bring Italy home to you wherever you are.

Not in Rome?


Be part of the finest Wine Club in Rome and bring Italy home to you wherever you are.

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