The Rimessa Roscioli Manifesto

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Wine as a weaver of experiences

This text is meant to be our Manifesto, and to welcome you to future projects of Rimessa and Salumeria Roscioli.


Rimessa Roscioli is more than a restaurant and a tasting room. It is meant to be a hub for wine and food experiences and also a community built of people passionate about wine and food and culture. Whether around our tables, on the web, or with our events, we recreate the ancient concept of Symposium - a physical and virtual place where you could share experiences, travel impressions, art, socialization.

This was the first aim of the old Rimessa: to give to our clients and friends a unique and memorable experience. To create a link between the land, the soil, the culture, the winemakers and the people.

Our Wine Club is meant to be the final link to all our missions, stimulating people to drink wisely, to use wine as a weaver, as a liquid that connects people, places, cultures, and stories.

Nowadays, there’s a big demand of wine but very little and distorted knowledge on it. People approach wine thinking that is a classy thing for experts, feeling intimidated by the sommelier, ruined by industrial wines, and fake commercial and dishonest wine ratings.


We propose a different approach to wine...



How?  Simply by getting in touch directly with the winemaker, and having a team of sommeliers that support you in choosing and pairing wines. We help you to create your own community where you can be the head sommelier of your friends.  It's really easy...just a few videos, some info on pairings, a few recipes and you can start your own Rimessa Tasting at home. Shipment after shipment, watching videos with your friends, you'll become an expert, approach wine as a friend, as someone you know, getting to the origin of it.

Rimessa is also a hub that promotes sustainable drinking and eating, health and care. We are against industrial production, going back to the rural, countryside and artisan approach to drinking and eating.  Why is it that we spend billions of dollars in technology, in fashion, in cars, but no proper money in food.  Food is the fuel of our body. We have to take more care of it. 

Our sense of aesthetic and our sense of pleasure is strongly determined by our primordial senses: nose and palate. Our first relationship with the world is the milk from our mother: we were born sommeliers, in a way. We distinguish things based on our taste. Training your palate means training your pleasure, and a complex pleasure is deeper, more personal, durable and variable. It hits the most erogenous organ of our body - our brain.



We believe in sharing and want to create a community of winemakers, wine students and bloggers who are interested in our video contents on our blog.

Most of our videos are quite technical but we're starting to do more relatable videos which the average person can enjoy and learn from.  But when it comes to the videos of the winemakers, these are more straight and technical. They bring you directly in the vineyards, they speak about soils, climate, tradition, fermentation and aging process and are ideal for those deeply connected to wine and winemaking.

Most of the wine/sommelier schools promote a conventional way to make wine. They don't tell you the truth about artisan winemaking because wine schools are often supported by big companies that sell selected yeasts, fertilizers and such. We give students the opportunity to learn about wines directly from artisan winemakers with souls behind their wines.


Are you a travel agent or planning a team building event?

We know companies always struggle when they have to organize team building events. They do the obvious tour of Rome, visiting the Vatican or doing a Vespa tour, but there’s always a lack of experience. Our tastings are the perfect solution. We create socialization, in an informative yet fun way with storytelling and engagement. Our guests relax in our informal space, and feel more open to sharing as we stimulate cooperation and socialization.



Planning a wedding?

Wedding dinners are usually endless and boring. We propose a different approach to this event. Wine again as a social connection, as a different way to party. And we have magic and unique connections with beautiful locations in Rome. Wedding at Sant’Alessio



Do you have a an exclusive private group and want to do a high-end, exclusive wine tasting?

Rimessa and Salumeria Roscioli have organized tastings that have never been done in Europe. A vertical tasting of Clos du Mesnil, several tastings of wines from Domaine de la Romanée Conti, and others which have cost 1000-1500 euros per person, and have two private cellars where we can offer them.



Do you want to earn rewards and become a wine club promoter?

We have to really insist with our clients that they should use the bottles of the wine club to organize a tasting dinner. We should promote the idea that they can share the cost of it, wine is to share not to drink alone. 6 bottles and 8-10 friends. this means that will cost $20 per person instead of $200. Share the wines, share the experience and recreate the Rimessa experience at home with your friends. By promoting the wine club to your friends, you'll get rewarded with discounts on future shipments as they join.

Are you the director of a special club?  Like a Country Club or Golf Club? 

Organize a tasting with us or we can give you all the instruments to organize it by yourself.  Every year we go to the US and organize events. Our future goal, when we can do it properly, will be to do a Rimessa Roscioli Wine Tour in US - a Coast-to-Coast tasting adventure all around the country, followed by our community.]

Are you a restaurant owner or manager? 

Do you want to increase your community, to give to your clients a different experience? Rimessa Roscioli is a format that can easily be replicated. We offer consulting related to this.  Contact us to discuss.



The final cultural experience. Our goal is to give to our clients something that will last forever for their memories. We will be writing a book this year on everything about wine, but wine and Lindsay's experience of Italy through the many wines she's tasted - essentially a tour of Italy from a wine perspective.



Our favorite mascot:


Daniela Pareschi is doing 10-12 paintings all based on the subject of fat, drunk superheroes. The idea is to make prints which will be available for purchase so you can collect our fat and fallen Rimessa superheroes. If you're part of our Tier 2 Wine Club, you'll receive them for free in your wine box every two shipments.  Stay with us to collect all of them!

In November 2019, we're also hoping to organize an auction in New York with the Italo-American Association and one of the directors of Christie's.  We'll sell the original paintings and also screen printed limited-edition copies.



We believe in the synaesthetic experience of wine and music.  Often we partner with the talented violinist Giorgio Sasso for our exclusive events in Rome.



Rimessa is an endless and ever-evolving experience. Gaetano Saccoccio has had huge success in connecting our local Italian base and other guests with winemakers, passionates, professionals, cheese producers and farmers, every week of the year, with table-side presentations, formal presentations, and unique wine and food tastings.  The beauty of this is that we have a perfect balance of Italians and others at Rimessa, making it a real place, not just for tourists.  Research is our passion - we are always in search of real, authentic flavors and spirit for the Rimessa.



With Virginia Ilie, we're looking at the possibility to connect with African farmers that produce special coffee beans or such. We'll sell directly to our community with no profit and give the money directly to the farmers.

If any of this resonates with you, we hope to be able to connect with you at Rimessa or in the best way possible. You can always CONTACT US here.



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