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The Beauty of Naivety

In An American in Rome by Lindsay Gabbard1 Comment

  There is nothing more humbling and beautiful than when a group of students end up teaching the teacher something.  This is what happened when I held a wine tasting for a group of study-abroad students, who mostly would be underage to drink in their home country, meaning they surely weren’t ‘wine experts’ (well at least I hope not). If …

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Let’s Make America Great Again

In An American in Rome by Lindsay GabbardLeave a Comment

  I am American (even though sometimes I am embarrassed to admit it). I come from a country that in recent times is proving to be quite Grape-ist. Grape-ist? – you ask, what on earth is that? I am speaking about our overall trend to colonize the US, and really the entire planet for that matter, with Cabernet and Chardonnay …

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An American Chardonnay in Rome

In An American in Rome, Articles by Christopher Maclean13 Comments

  To be honest, my record is mediocre at best. In my many attempts to show Alessandro Pepe that American wines can be interesting, I’ve failed more often than I’ve succeeded. The most recent attempt was a few weeks ago in Rome. Going in, I was certain the bottle would be a winner. It was a 2013 Cameron Clos Electrique …