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PROSECCO DI VALDOBBIADENE SUR LIE, CASA COSTE PIENE But then, we reached this special little area, the Valdobbiadene hills, where again the stereotypical panoramas of Italian hills pervade.  You’ll find Loris Follador there.  From his character, he seems to me like the last guy that would be making an overproduced, cheesy and overly sweet beverage (aka 99% of Prosecco), and …

The Wine Hof Challenge

Why don’t you take our simple challenge… Take the plunge and try the Roscioli Wine Club

Our Roman Wine Guide – From Ancient Rome to Today

Rome has a long, deep-rooted relationship with wine. From ancient Rome to the present day, wine has always been an inseparable part of its culture. Wine is one of the main elements that defines the image of the eternal city to the outer world: ancient ruins everywhere – and not just behind closed gates- a seemingly infinite number of catholic churches (St. Peter’s Basilica might ring a bell) and, most importantly of course, pizza, pasta and wine, yay! And when you are sitting on a sunny terrace and sipping on a glass (or a bottle) of wine next to a historic fountain, you cannot escape the integrated contrast as well as the strong harmony between then and now, whilst your mind might drift off to wondering what life was like when Julius Caesar was still ruling this city. Well, that is an experience you would really have to… Experience! But let us at least shed some light on the Roman wines and the difference between our modern Roman wine culture and the ancient one.
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Our Natural Wine Guide

Although there is no legal definition of how a natural wine is made, there are a few principles that consistently abide to the basic idea that wine should be made in the vineyard, not the cellar: no added chemicals, no added sulfites (or just the bare minimal amount), no temperature control during fermentation, no added yeast, no fining or filtration, and no pesticides or herbicides in the vineyard.

Emigrato Australia – capitolo 2

Tutto si deve assestare, anche la testa della gente su quello che vuole fare: ci sono mille storie da raccontare, tra le più affascinanti c’è quella di Maurice O’Shea, vero pioniere del vino in Australia, anche Max Schubert, creatore del Grange, si ispirò ai suoi vini.
Barolo Italy Wine

Our Barolo Wine Guide

If you look up Barolo in the dictionary, you will find: a dry red wine from the Piedmont region of Italy. True, it is indeed a dry red wine and it does come from a little town called Barolo, in the northern Piedmont region of Italy. However, there is so much more to a Barolo than it just being a red wine, as it did not get its nickname “the King of Italian wines” for nothing (but be careful not to mention that to some of the proud Brunello producers in Montalcino)!
Rimessa Roscioli - Best Wine Bar in Rome

The Best Wine Bar in Rome, period.

Rimessa Roscioli was born from a simple concept – to create a unique wine bar where friends and others could gather and laugh, and share food, wine and stories together, as if they were in the comfort of being nestled around their own dining table. No matter what your experience level is, you are welcome as if you were a guest in our home. Come enjoy an unforgettable evening at Rimessa!

Marche and Abruzzo – Adventures for the Wine Club

For those of you who love travel and appreciate the more off the beaten path and non-touristy experiences, I have decided to chronicle my cultural and culinary adventures around Italy as we search for all the special selections for our wine club members. The blog posts will feature wineries visited, short restaurant reviews, places and sights worth visiting and local …

The Bitter and Sweet Taste of Pleasure

Pleasure – try to define what it tastes like.  Is it easy to understand or does it provoke you and make you think?  Is it immediately obvious or are the effects delayed?  Soft and sweet, with a cherry on top or dark, bitter and contemplative? We live in a world of instant gratification, shrinking the wait time required from the …

Wine’s Silver Medalist

In the beginning, France was blessed with good growing conditions for wine grapes—as were some locales to the south, including Italy. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. More recently, in the beginning of a sit-down with my daily wine news site, I came across an article in which the central claim was that Italy is catching up to France in the fine …