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La Colombera, Montebore

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Elisa from La Colombera is talking about their traditional Montebore cheese. Montebore is a cheese made from a blend of three different types of milk. It also has three different layers made of three disks of cheese which mature all together. Montebore cheese can come in a less matured version, or a more matured one.

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Instatasting with Daniele Coutandin

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Extreme conditions for winemaking in Pinerolese (Piemonte) at Coutandin. In 1995, instead of retiring, Giuliano and his son Daniele bought a piece of land in a valley in Piedmont called Val Chisone to revive the traditional but fading viticulture in the area. This monorail was built to be able to work the vineyard and its indigenous grapes in this extremely …