How to make “Cacio e Pepe”

Winemaker Gianni Pignattai from the winery Pietroso explains the characteristics and history of his family vineyards in Montalcino and what is so unique about his Rosso and Brunello wines.

How to make Cacio e Pepe with Tommaso Fratini

How to make Cacio e Pepe pasta according to Tommaso Fratini, chef of Rimessa Roscioli. Buy our Cacio e Pepe Kit on our eshop HERE Some black pepper and a touch of nice extra virgin olive oil. This is the original recipe you need just pecorino cheese. Like this it is very salty so we add some Parmigiano to make it slightly …

Culatello Explained

A detailed explanation regarding the Culatello, a prime cut of cured ham, during a special presentation and tasting evening at Rimessa Riociolli.

How to make homemade tagliatelle

Angela, from Meraviglie in Pasta, in Rome, Italy, shows us how to make fresh pasta just the way her grandmother did. *Ratio is 100gr of flour and 1 egg per person. To prepare a perfect egg pasta, place the flour in the shape of a volcano and in the center put in the de-shelled eggs. With a fork, whisk them …

Rimessa Roscioli Cooking Class Recipes

Thank you for attending our Cooking Class! When you want to prepare everything at home, here are the recipes of the dishes you prepared. All the videos for our kits are also here for you to view (click subtitles for english translations), and the kits are available for purchase to make things even easier with the best Italian ingredients. *Please …

How to get to Rimessa Roscioli

The best places are often the ones that are hidden and nestled away, not on the main, busy and touristy streets. While getting lost can be the greatest adventure, we will make it easy for you to find your way.

Come aprire le ostriche – tecnica di base

In questo video Corrado Tenace spiega come anche i neofiti possono aprire un’ostrica in sicurezza e in modo semplice. Chiunque può imparare la tecnica per aprire le ostriche facilmente e velocemente, Le ostriche crude rappresentano un ottimo antipasto di pesce, molto prelibato e ricercato. Le ostriche di Corrado Tenace sono disponibili alla Rimessa Roscioli e alla Salumeria Ristorante Roscioli, a …

How to open oysters – basic technique

Corrado Tenace, master of ‘merroir’, explains how to open oysters in the basic technique. Try them in our restaurant or for an event hosted by Corrado. We host producers and wine makers regularly in Rimessa Roscioli. *All our videos always have English subtitles – just don’t forget to turn them ON.  Enjoy!